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Hot Tips on How to Jump Start Losing Weight

Jump Start Your Weight Loss
Eleven Hot Tips

  1. EAT PROTEIN at every meal and snack.
  2. EAT BREAKFAST everyday to jump start your metabolism (suggestions: omega-3 eggs with some berries, nitrate-free organic breakfast meats, rice protein shake made with berries & ground flax, etc.).
  3. ELIMINATE WHEAT AND FLOUR based products for the time being. That includes bread & pasta (non-gluten grains are okay in small amounts).
  4. ELIMINATE "FOOD PRODUCTS" 90% of what you eat should be food that could have been hunted, caught, gathered from the ground, plucked from a tree or grown.
  5. EAT AN UNLIMITED AMOUNT OF NON-STARCHY VEGETABLES such as asparagus, bok choy, broccoli, beets, etc.
  6. DON'T OVEREAT THE AMOUNT OF FRUITS especially the extra-sweet, extra ripe variety. Fruits are very healthy, but fruits contain calories and carbohydrates.
  7. ELIMINATE DAIRY for now, especially cow's milk. Occassional exceptions include servings of plain-organic yogurt and unsweetened almond or rice milk is okay.
  8. ELIMINATE ALCOHOL for now. You can add it back moderation!
  9. WORRY LESS ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF FAT you eat and pay more attention to the KIND of fat.
  10. ELIMINATE ALL SUGAR and check all food, drink and condiment labels.
  11. DRINK 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water and/or unsweetened green tea every day.

Note: The following recommendations are "controlled carbohydrate" guidelines that will enhance your weight loss. These recommendations are usually followed for 2-3 weeks, depending on your goal.



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