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What is Slow Method Strength Training and Why is it such an Effective and Safe form of Exercise?

What is "Slow" Method?
...and why is it such an effective & safe form of strength training?

Slow method protocol is a highly specialized form of strength training which is performed using extremely slow movements to effectively and safely build more lean muscle mass.

A single repetition takes about 20 seconds to lift and lower the weights. This requires the participant to utilize the strength of their muscles to move the weights and eliminate momentum and acceleration. The slow speed and intensity of the movement, coupled with the emphasis of proper form and equipment setup, ensures safety while efficiently challenging the targeted muscle(s) to reach muscular exhaustion in under 2 minutes (until movement of the weight is no longer possible). As a result, the growth mechanism is stimulated and with an adequate period to rest, the body can properly and safely recover and build more lean muscle mass. In about 30 minutes, twice a week, slow strength training works all major muscle groups, strengthens bones and increases cardiovascular function.

Slow method strength training is safe and can produce powerful results for all individuals, regardless of age or fitness level. Participants with prior injuries are able to safely strengthen muscles, protect from further injuries and often alleviate pain. Also, because participants are consistently increasing their performance and accelerating past plateaus, even elite athletes and fitness veterans are able to produce optimal results beyond current capabilities.

Slow method strength training originated from University of Florida School of Medicine in 1982 when Ken Hutchins was strength training women diagnosed with osteoporosis. He slowed down the movement of lifting and lowering the weight in order to allow the women to strength train safely. Not only did they successfully increase their bone density, they also increased their lean body mass. The results were so powerful, Ken applied the same technique among the general population, which led to the same results.   


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