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How do I Resist Overeating or Binging?

How do I resist overeating or binging?

A: I call this short-circuiting "putting a chink in the link". Break the circuit and the remaining lights don't fire up. You can accomplish the same thing with your overeating triggers.

First, isolate exactly what your five biggest triggers are. Write them down. Now comes the part where you put a "chink in the link". You're going to substitute a new activity for the destructive activity (much like an addict learns to go to the gym and gets "high" from running).

Try any one of these simple activities the next time you hit one of your triggers:

  • Brush your teeth
  • Eat a pickle (eating something completely different from what you're craving tricks the brain and kills the craving - try eating a hot pepper when you're craving chocolate and you'll instantly see what I mean)
  • Reward yourself with a relaxing activity you normally wouldn't do - i.e. a warm bath or uninterrupted reading of glossy magazines!
  • Go for a walk (the endorphins released will often balance the chemistry of a craving brain)
  • Write down what you're feeling. Try "being" with that feeling for five minutes.
  • Most cravings (and overeating triggers) only last 15 minutes. If you can outwait - or outwit - them, you can beat them. Tell yourself "I can have this food" (thus eliminating thoughts of deprivation) but "I have to wait just 15 minutes".

You'll be amazed (and happily surprised) at how differently you'll feel a 15 minutes later.



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