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Can I Eat Food While on a Cleanse and Detox Program?

PhysioCleanse & Detoxification Program

Unlike other detox programs on the market, the PhysioCleanse and Detoxification Program is not designed to starve you of food, by forcing you to drink liquids for weeks instead of real, nutritious foods. We don't believe this teaches you anything other than how to pig out when you are finished the detox and undo all the hard work.

The PhysioCleanse and Detoxification Program is specifically designed to teach you how to eat for life, so that you can always maintain your ideal weight and the best of health, not just while on the detox. I believe it is not just about calorie control, but what you eat, that will help you to achieve your ideal weight and health.

During the detox program, you are given food suggestions for eating clean. Some of the suggested foods are: organic chicken, cold water fish, non-gluten grains, and organic fruits and vegetables. Most people during the program experience a decrease in hunger and cravings.


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