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PhysioMeal Vanilla Powder

PhysioMeal Vanilla Powder


Immunity and Detox SuperFood

Functional Superfood that Promotes Immune System Health  

PhysioMeal Vanilla is a combination of a highly bioavailable whey protein isolate plus colostrums and is the world's most advanced zoonutrient formula designed to help optimize:

  • Tissue repair 
  • Antioxidant status
  • Liver and intracellular detoxification
  • Immune function

The combination of whey isolate and colostrum in PhysioMeal Vanilla may help you:

  • Increase lean muscle and bone mass
  • Speed your recovery time from exercise, injury, illness, or surgery
  • Reduce injuries related to working out
  • Maintain a trim, fat-burning, lean body mass
  • Enhance immune functions
  • Stabilize blood sugar and blood lipids
  • Stabilize your intestinal function
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Perhaps even extend your life expectancy 

This immune and detox superfood combines natural components with powerful science and contains:

  • Proline rich polypeptides (PRP) rich in bioactive immune and repair factors
  • Reduced glutathione, your body's most important antioxidant and detoxifier
  • Undenatured, whey protein isolate (non-GMO)
  • Lactose enzymes to minimize intolerance
  • Organic selenium to recycle glutathione
  • Soluable, prebiotic fiber
  • Whole colostrum
  • Supersorb enhanced delivery systems to enhance absorption



  • Great tasting, Instant mixing
  • Low carb, Low glycemic
  • BioChill™ low-temp processed
  • Low lactose (< 1%)
  • Mixes perfectly with PhysioGreens
  • rBGH, BST or antibiotic residues
  • yeast, gluten, corn or wheat grain
  • added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors
  • egg or added soy protein*
  • preservatives, additives, MSG
  • glutamates or gmo ingredients

Undenatured, instantized whey protein isolate (WPI), unprocessed whole colostrum fortified with proline rich polypeptides (PRPs), VitaFiber™ (isomalto-oligosaccharide probiotic fiber from non-GMO corn), stevia leaf -stevia rebaudiana), natural flavors, silica, xanthin gum, soy lecithin, lactase enzyme, reduced glutathione, SuperSorb®; (phospholipids), organic l-selenomethionine.


* Allergen Warning: Contains soy as lecithin, which is used to help instantize the WPI.

1 container contains 540 gm, providing 30 eighteen gm servings, a month's supply.

* Derived from cows not given growth hormones and dairy free of antibiotic residues.

These statements have no been evaluated by the FDA. PhysioMeal Vanilla is not intended to prevent, treat, cure or diagnose any disease.

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