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What Does This Program Involve?

3 Distinct Phases:

Phase I: 5 Day Pre-Cleansing

The Pre-Cleansing Phase prepares your MIND, BODY and KITCHEN for the Detoxification Phase. It creates a positive environment within your body to allow the toxins to be excreted from the body more easily to promote a healthy and successful journey!

  1. Get in the Mindset to Succeed
  2. Hydrate & Cleanse by Drinking Water
  3. Go Grocery Shopping & Plan Ahead for your Meals & Snacks
  4. Slowly Eliminate Caffeine & Sugars
  5. Take Cleansing Supplements for a Gentle Colon Cleanse

Phase II: 28 Day Detoxification

The 28 Day Detoxification Phase creates the ideal environment for detoxification to occur and jump starts your body’s ability to eliminate toxins effectively and efficiently. During this phase, you will eat nutritious, healthy, clean foods in combination of taking professional grade dietary supplements and powders to support your colon, liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

  1. Eliminate Toxin-Rich & Allergenic Foods from Diet
  2. Eat up to 3 Nutritious & Clean Meals and up to 2 Snacks a Day
  3. Hydrate & Cleanse by Drinking Water
  4. Supplement & Nourish your Body with Professional Grade Dietary Supplements
  5. Replace up to 2-3 Meals with Delicious Dietary Shakes or Smoothies

Phase III: Post-Detox Transition

This phase will solidify your new healthy habits as you transition off the program and into a new healthy lifestyle. You will slowly reintroduce the foods that were eliminated during your clean diet and identify which foods you may decide to permanently eliminate due to food sensitivities.

  1. Reflect on your Success
  2. Option to Extend the Detoxification Phase
  3. Maintain Balanced & Clean Eating and Reintroduce Foods
  4. Integrate Healthy Habits to Everyday Lifestyle

What does this program NOT involve?

  • Fasting, Starvation or Liquid-Only Diet
  • Calorie Counting or Restrictions
  • Harsh Medication