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"I've always been interested in sports and nutrition, but it wasn't until I started a tailored performance diet with Melissa that I truly learned the importance and impact of proper nutrition; not only for sports' performance, but also for all aspects of daily life. I went from cycling occasionally to riding 150 miles/week  plus events, and could not have done it without Melissa's help. I am leaner and stronger than I have ever been. Melissa's approach is practical yet holistic, and can be easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle. I couldn't be happier."
- Theia

"Melissa is the Wonder Woman of Nutritional Nourishment. She carefully guided my wife and me through a six weeks cleanse, which was a life-changing experience for us. We still purchase  all our vitamins and other supplements from her. Melissa   Bowman is a caring professional and we trust her completely." 
- Michael , North Carolina 

"Much of My Life I have Needlessly Struggled with Anxiety, Depression, Obesity-(370lbs), ADD, Locomotion of the Mind, Adrenal issues-Polycystic Ovarian Disease-(Hysterectomy), Autoimmune Issues-Hashimoto's and Raynaud's, bloating, and Leaky Gut.
I remember as a Kid my fingers would swell.  I remember experiencing a weird feeling in my head after I ate pancakes as a teenager.  I remember thinking Something has Got To Be Going On. Under the care of Conventional Medical Doctors- and My Mother made sure we went to the best Specialist-I felt Hopeless and felt what I was experiencing was a Production of My Mind.
I wanted More. Driven by Desire, Dedication, and Will -I did have a Transient Successful Transformation going from 370 pounds to 163 pounds with exercise and healthy eating-I eliminated the carbs but I still did not understand the adverse effect they had on me, I walked off 100 pounds, rowed, and started doing triathlons
I took a position as a night shift RN and Gained 100 Pounds. I remember saying -"I wish there was some blood test I could take that would tell me exactly what to eat and I would gladly comply." I was Still Struggling and I was So Tired of Struggling.
In 2015, I became aware of functional medicine.
I Believe it was Divine Intervention that brought Melissa Bowman into My Life. Our First Conversation exuded Hope and Promise as She Justified  My Life Struggles by Giving them Explanation and Validity and Remedy.  She is a Celebrity Nutritionist and she made Me feel like one from the start. She Encourages Open Communication and Her Response Time is Right ON.   Melissa Bowman Genuinely and Sincerely is Committed to You Achieving Your Goals.
Melissa Bowman is a Special Gift and Her Creation of PhysioCleanse (of which I am a 3 month Cleanser) is the Cure that Rocks-Best thing I ever did. Hippocrates said "Your Food is Your Medicne-Your Medicine is Your Food".  Melissa Bowam Makes this a Deliciously Healthy Joyful Cure. I am Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Yeast Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Caffeine Free-LOVIN Every Bite-Full FLAVOR NO CRAP-100% Satisfied Never Deprived.
elissa Bowman is My Triathlon Coach, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Nutritionist, and Healthy Living Consultant. I have learned Much from water purification to the Importance of Balancing Work and Chill time. She has Cured My Sniffles, Sneezing and Sore Throat in One Day. I AM Stronger and Faster because Melissa Bowman Sculpts and Chisels from the Inside Out-making my Mitochondria more Efficient.
I am Now a Happy Healthy Athlete Living a Hearty Healthy Life -No More Struggles.  If I new about  her Sooner- I would have kept the uterus. If  Melissa Bowman did not come into My Life when She did, I was bound to Continue Struggling -Living a Repressed Life, and Most Likely Take on Another Autoimmune Disorder. Thanks to Melissa Bowman -The Best Years of My Life are Ahead of Me.
Henry David Thoreau said "Go Confidently in the Direction of Your Dreams. Live the Life You Imagined"  Melissa Bowman is Your GUIDE Hearty Healthy Living.
Free Yourself of the Anchor and Reach for the Stars."
I am Forever Grateful
- VIVIAMO-Jen Adamo

"Melissa has been invaluable in providing not only products I need to keep my family healthy but in educating us as well.  From doing a total detox with her 28-day cleanse to functional testing my kids to find nutritional deficiencies, she has taught us how to be healthy and clean!
Me - about nutrition and overall - health for me and my kids."