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PhysioLife Studios Puts You in the Best Shape of Your Life

By Jessica Girdwain

We've long envied the fantastic figures of Gold Coast women, but now we’ve got the scoop on their success: Melissa Bowman Li, RD, LDN, cofounder of PhysioLife Studios, who runs the neighborhood’s celeb-loved fitness facility.

Trainer to the stars (like Meredith Vieira, who squeezes in sessions between taping for Today and Who Wants to be a Millionaire), Li teaches PhysioSlow Strength Training, a method using specialized equipment to meticulously weight train muscles to exhaustion. “It’s actually high-intensity,” says Li. “You feel a burn like you’ve never felt before.” This means that clients, who she says previously worked out for a couple hours a day, only need two 30-minute sessions ($59 each) a week to lose inches, tone muscles and have higher energy.

The best part: Since the room is set to a cool 65 degrees, the fat-blasting workout is sweat-free (no melting makeup and no shower needed). That temp also keeps your core cooler, encouraging muscles to work even harder. Combine PhysioLife training with Li’s nutritional counseling and clients discover that their clothes fit looser in as little as one month. PhysioLife Studios, 712 N. Dearborn St., 3rd Fl.; 312-255-8308