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About Us

Our Philosophy

PhysioLife Studios’ philosophy is to educate and motivate our clients to obtain optimal health and well-being through a lifetime of balanced fitness and nutrition. We work as a team with a positive, focused energy to transform desired goals into reality. PhysioLife Studios understands the importance of each client’s individual needs and work-life balance. We offer wellness programs that are efficient and realistic and are ideal for people with little time to spare. PhysioSlow strength training will allow more time for what’s really important in your life.

Ultimately, our mission is to provide our clients with quality service by balancing a personal strength training program with a sensible nutrition program to enable our clients to produce positive changes in health, appearance and overall wellness.

We pride ourselves on providing impeccable service, in a premium facility, with professional trainers. Our premier fitness studio distinguishes itself with “Strength in THREE.”

in under ONE HOUR per week

Strength in Three at PhysioLife


During the 30-minute session, your certified PhysioSlow Strength Trainer will guide you through a custom, whole-body workout program, monitor your progress, and enable you to achieve maximum results in minimum time in order to build a stronger, leaner and revitalized body. Learn More


Our Registered Dietitian, Melissa Bowman Li will customize a practical and sustainable eating lifestyle plan to give you the tools you need to meet your specific goals to live a healthier lifestyle. Learn More


Nurture yourself while your body rests and recovers for 2-3 days in between workouts. Because of the intense training, your body will be able to build more muscle mass and increase your resting metabolism to burn more calories ALL day long, even while at rest.

Our Locations

PhysioLife Studios is dedicated to providing superior service at both our locations in Chicago and New York City.

Chicago Studio

The main studio is located in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast at 740 N Franklin St, Lower Level. We offer a full array of Nutrition and Training services.

New York City Remote Studio

PhysioLife Studios provides select nutrition and training services in NYC. We offer PhysioSlow Personal Training sessions with PhysioSlow Certified trainers at a slow training facility in Midtown Manhattan. For more information, please contact 312.255.8308.