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Summer Festivals: How to Combat the Fat!

Summer is finally in full swing and along with it comes endless summer festivals.  We dream of summer activities all winter:  music fests, rib fests, beer fests, and many many more.  What we don’t dream about is packing on the extra empty calories that linger inside the food and beer tents.  But guess what??  You can still have a great festival season while using moderation and healthy strategies!  Here are some tips to help you practice mindful eating this summer:

If possible, walk or bike to the event.  If you can’t walk all the way, park farther away to get a good brisk walk in.  You will burn calories while saving money on transportation!

Eat a balanced meal or snack filled with fiber, fat and protein to keep you full before you leave your home.   A good example is an apple with peanut butter or  turkey slices, veggies with black bean dip or hummus.  Not being overly hungry will help you resist the sights and smells of delicious foods.

Instead of spending $10 on a tropical cocktail or greasy burger that you will enjoy for maybe 5 minutes, use that money to buy something for yourself that will last.  Many festivals have clothes, CD’s, jewelry, art, and many other unique tents.

Choose grilled foods such as grilled corn on the cob, grilled kabobs, or grilled meats rather than fried foods or processed meats like sausages or hot dogs.

Don’t completely restrict yourself; moderation is key.  If you want a taste of that funnel cake or Chicago-style hot dog, share it with a friend or with family so you still get a taste without overeating.

Order the small size!!

Watch those fixin’s! Ask for less cheese or sauce or use less of the condiments.  Try grilled corn on the cob without the butter.

To get your sweet fix, choose fruit ice or frozen yogurt topped with fruit.  While there are still sugars in these foods, they are usually a lower fat snack than ice cream.

Think about whether or not you are even hungry before you order something.  Listen to your body and stop eating when you become full.

Stay hydrated!  Food cravings are a symptom of dehydration.  Plus, drinking adequate water will keep your summer skin looking healthy! 

Chew minty gum.  Peppermint suppresses appetite and cravings.  You could also wear a minty lip balm—wafting the scent of peppermint does the same trick!

Finally, focus on having fun with the people you are with.  Don’t arrive at the festival stressed out.  Anxiety may also cause you to overeat.  Leave your worries behind, enjoy the company of your family and friends, and have a good time!





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