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Detox 101


Tis the season to be thinking about detoxing and cleansing. With my clients, the start of the holiday season is a very popular time to embark on a detox and cleansing program. With all of the claims about detoxing, many people calling it dangerous, unsafe and extreme, some programs can be very healthy and safe. The key is to look for a program that works for you, which should have safe recommendations and supplements that are third party, certified for quality. So, who should detox?


If you’re unhappy with your weight, frustrated by how tired or irritable you feel, and fed up with not seeing results — you may benefit from a detox program. Toxic chemicals are virtually impossible to avoid. They’re found in our air, water, food and even many seemingly safe products, from the household cleaners many of us grew up with to our favorite moisturizers, shampoos and shower gels. Even the most dedicated health nuts, myself included, can’t avoid pollution from living in a city. Over time, this constant onslaught of “poisons” builds up in your body and overloads your body which can cause weight gain, fatigue and emotional issues, and ultimately leads to illness or disease. When your liver is in prime toxin-fighting condition, contaminants are naturally released and life is good. However, when your liver is dysfunctional, toxins aren’t metabolized properly and get stored in your fat cells and brain cells, making it almost impossible for you to lose weight. That’s why you can use traditional diet methods all you want, but true long-term results come by first cleaning the slate. Think of a cleanse and detoxification program like getting a tune-up in your car. You’d never expect your car to run perfectly if all you ever did was wash the outside. Even if it looked nice and shiny, it may not handle like it did when it was new. The same goes with your body. To have it perform at its peak, you need to care for the inside as well.

So what is a “safe” detox and cleansing program? It all starts by tossing out the way society has taught most of us to think about food. For starters, a detox program doesn’t have to mean:

• starvation

• calorie restriction

• deprivation

• elaborate low-calorie meals

• raw foods

• juicing

• a liquid-only diet

• harsh medications


A good program should have you slowly eliminating toxins while supporting your body with nutritious, clean meals and increasing detox nutrients such as glutathione, milk thistle, b-vitamins and sulfur containing amino acids. Sure, you can begin losing weight by simply eating clean healthy meals, but to truly see transformational results in your overall health, you need to add a cleansing and detoxification component. Several studies are now showing that toxins found both in our environment and within our fat cells can interfere with our metabolism and our body’s ability to regulate weight. The catch-22 is that the more weight you need to lose, the greater number of fat cells you have and the more toxins you’re storing in them, which makes dropping pounds from traditional methods even more difficult.


So how does a program typically work? First, it is important to remove the toxins and allergenic foods. Typical foods that are removed are; caffeine, alcohol, sugar, gluten, dairy, soy and corn. Second, it is recommended to increase the consumption of fresh, organic, wholesome foods, such as fish, poultry, organic veggies, fruits, healthy fats, non-gluten grains and supportive dietary supplements that are made with all natural herbs and nutrients like antioxidants. A good program will have you slowly increase the detox-supportive supplements to minimize the side-effects from releasing toxins. Some programs will have you doing healthy detox smoothies to replace some of your meals. With any program, the goal is to incorporate what you learned about yourself and your body and develop new “tools” and strategies for long-term health and success when it comes to eating. Good luck and take control of your life and your choices this year! Have a HAPPY HAPPY Holiday Season and use this New Year to take the steps to a better and healthier you!





In good health, happiness and clean eating,


Melissa Bowman, MS, RD


Before starting a new diet/nutrition program, please consult your doctor or other health care professional.


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