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Vitamins for Kids


When it comes to vitamin and mineral needs, food sources are the best option. Your child's body absorbs nutrients better from food; however, supplements may play an important role in keeping kids healthy. At the cellular level, vitamins and minerals perform functions that are essential to human health. Most of us don’t get optimal levels of all the important nutrients. And while taking vitamins is no substitute for eating a balanced diet, why not do both? Choose one that provides a full range of vitamins and minerals but does not contain artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are recommended - they are tested for quality and absorbed better. Besides a multivitamin, kids may also need some other basic supplements for overall health.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Important for infant growth and development and to protect against future cardiovascular disease and behavioral problems. Low levels have been associated with ADHD and other learning and behavioral issues, allergies, constipation and eczema. It is very important to purchase a high quality fish oil, again pharmaceutical grade found at health food stores or from health care providers.

A balanced calcium-magnesium supplement: Helps to develop and maintain healthy bones and teeth and it also plays an important role in muscle contraction, transmission of messages through the nerves, and release of hormones. Magnesium may help with constipation issues, as well.

Vitamin D: Maintains normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus to form and maintain strong bones as well as to support the immune system and has been shown to reduce cancer (breast, colon, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, and rectal), cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases. A simple Vitamin D blood test can determine how much you should give your child. Ask your doctor or health care provider.

Probiotics: Bacteria in the intestine are a normal part of our digestive health, but population counts of bacteria living in our gut may be altered by illness, antibiotic use, ingested/modified foods, or life circumstance. Research also finds that which bacteria cohabitate on our bodies may impact other illnesses outside the gut like eczema, allergies, and/or asthma. Find a probiotic that contains several different strains and again, quality is important - you want to make sure these bugs are actually alive.

For additional information, please contact my office. Speak to your health care provider before starting a new supplement and about specific recommendations for your child.


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