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Clean Eating - Family Style

The beauty of clean eating is that it is suitable for the whole family to follow; and when you’ve got the whole family on board, it will be much easier!

By feeding your kids the right foods, you can avoid the sudden outbursts of energy and the expected aftermath of the energy crash. Eating clean foods doesn’t have to be boring – quite often they are a lot more colorful and their fresh appearance will make them look much more attractive! Try some of these fun ideas to help keep your kids healthy and satisfied when they get home from school.


  • Home-made trail mix: combine a variety of nuts and dried fruits. Much healthier (and probably cheaper!) than the pre-made packs and can keep the kids quietly munching for a while.
  • Berry ice pops: substitute ice cream with a frozen berry smoothie and free in an ice pop mold.
  • Fruit kabobs: with banana, strawberries and pineapple chunks.
  • Almond butter or other nut or seed butters (by the spoonful, spread on celery, or with apples for dipping)
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Leftovers (chicken strips, meatballs, roasted or grilled meat)
  • Jerky or Meat Sticks (US Wellness Meats has a variety to choose from)
  • Grass-fed Deli Meats (bologna, summer sausage, etc.  again, check out US Wellness Meats)
  • Canned fish (wild caught) or canned organic chicken
  • Kale chips
  • All kinds of veggies dipped in smashed avocado or clean guacamole. Kids love to dip.

Get the kids involved and start teaching them about the importance of clean eating (in a fun way)! Use them as a spare pair of hands in the kitchen (supervised!) or take them to the grocery store with you and ask them to pick out a new clean food that you can try together. Make fun shapes out of foods, such as apple and pear boats or fruit wheels.            

It only takes a little bit of preparation to create a clean lunch box for your child. Try and make it the night before, as well as preparing your own. Here are some simple ideas:

  • Egg and Ham Salad: make it colorful by adding tomatoes, bell peppers and leafy greens. Add a whole meal roll in to the box too.
  • Southwest Chicken Wrap: wrap chicken, beans and salad in a paleo wrap or lettuce. (Julian Bakery)
  • Tuna boats: with slices of avocado in a dug out cucumber. My kids love these little boats.

Let your child think that they are in control of their own eating. When offering them a meal or snack, give them 2 healthy options. This way, they will feel that they have ‘earned’ their meal and are more likely to enjoy it!

Don’t panic when your child goes to a party – you can’t control what they are eating 24/7! Relax knowing that what they receive 90% of the time is clean and enjoy a few quiet hours. If you’re lucky enough to be hosting the party, make an array of vegetable platters with clean home made dips, plenty of fruit kabobs, lots of meat filled cold cuts and kale chips and you should have a happy crowd!

For more specific recommendations and ideas, call my office and schedule a nutrition consult for your family.

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