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A Clean Thanksgiving...Recipes!

Greetings Cleansers and Clean Eaters!    I just want to wish you all a Happy and Clean Thanksgiving! I know this time of year can be really difficult for some; but this year is going to be different. Instead of focusing on the food and alcohol, try focusing on the real purpose of Thanksgiving – spending quality time with your family and friends. You will be surprised how much fun you can have just catching up with loved ones, while relaxing and trying to get away from the stress of life. Holidays are a time for yourself and your family...

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Nuts: Optimum Fats for Optimum Health

  Did you ever think…Maybe squirrels are onto something? I mean with the consuming of nuts. If you have ever seen any of the Ice Age movies, the squirrel character is constantly pillaging for that one nut. But when it comes to the nutritional density of nuts, we should all be pillaging for nuts. Nuts have been part of man’s diet since the prehistoric era and for good reason.   Some of the nutrients nuts contain are: ♥ Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids (fats); Omega-3s ♥ Protein ♥ Fiber ♥ Folate ♥ Vitamin E ♥ Plant Sterols - May...

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Chicago Marathon Race Week Tips

Ah taper week... or perhaps better known as the silence before the storm. Finally the time has come to let your body repair in preparation for Sunday's Day of Reckoning. For some of you, this may be old hat and you have it all figured out. For others this may be your first go at the Chicago Marathon, or rather any endurance race. Either way, for most, this week is filled with nerves and OCD ideations. Find some mental solace by thinking back to your training: You ran despite snow, rain, heat, and darkness.You ran when you'd rather be sleepingYou...

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The Coconut Kick

1965: Gatorade was debuted after a University of Florida Assistant Coach noticed his players losing steam when playing in the heat 1993: The launch of PowerAde; currently the number 2 sports drink worldwide 1996: Vitamin Water was started after the founder thought of the idea while drinking mineral water and Vitamin C while sick 2006: O.N.E. coconut water was the first coconut water to hit shelves in Southern California Whole Foods after two Brazil natives started the company in 2005     Being one of the newest beverages with electrolytes on the market, coconut water is at its popularity...

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Back To School Health

  It’s back to school time and while many parents look forward to getting back into a routine, it can be a stressful time for children. It is our job as parents to ensure a healthy learning environment both at home and school. There are simple things you can do for your children to ensure a great, successful start to a new school year. Following a clean, high fat, moderate protein and lower carbohydrate diet that is also low in refined sugars, trans-fats and boxed, processed foods is the first step to ensure children a healthy start. Along with...

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